Proudly Made In
New Zealand!

LDV Maxus motorhomes are completely built right here in Auckland, New Zealand by ACM Motorhomes. 

ACM is an outstanding Kiwi company, ensuring always to provide top Kiwi quality and workmanship. Luxury, comfort, convenience and unlimited adventures, at an unbeatable price.

New Zealand is waiting to be discovered with all of it’s unique flora and fauna that is envied world wide. Explore all of the spectacular beauty New Zealand holds in the comfort of your very own mobile home – indulge yourself with stuff that dreams are made of.

LDV Maxus Campervan & Motorhome Range

The comfort and features of the Maxus Motorhome are sure to elevate your experience of a holiday to a whole new level.  Leave your daily work, routines and problems all behind, drive away and enjoy the wonders of New Zealand.

LDV Maxus Campervan & Motorhome Range

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We look forward to helping you escape the everyday and begin your adventure exploring all the wonders and beauty of New Zealand.  Send us a message using the form below and one of our professional yet friendly team will be in touch.

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